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Auditor Interview Questions

"Employers are looking for auditors who are comfortable with internal procedures and regulations to ensure the quality of their audits. Expect to be faced with many technical questions that test your mathematical and accounting knowledge, as well as your experience with auditing systems. In addition, prepare to role-play scenarios where you must deal with stressful tasks, such as angry clients, under-performing colleagues, or a work load too large to handle. Ultimately, employers are looking for auditors who are passionate about ensuring that others are complying to practices and work well in teams to accomplish goals."

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What is cost of goods sold in a manufacturing environment?

3 Answers

Define the calculation.

Finished Goods Available for Sale (beginning finished goods inventory + cost of goods manufactured) - Ending Finished Goods Inventory = COGS

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How do you deal with difficult people or seemingly unreasonable deadlines

1 Answer

How would my individual contributions be different than the previous employee.

1 Answer

Tell me about a time when you struggled and how you overcame it.

1 Answer

what is risk assessment & experience in risk assessment? What is audit planing? What is costing and your experience with cost accounting? tell me about your self what do you know about dcaa?

206 Answers

What 3 qualities are important to have in this position?

6 Answers

If a defective product was coming off the line, how would you respond to the associates that had prepared it?

5 Answers

Tell me what you know about the DCAA? What are your strengths and weaknesses? What do you know about cost accounting? What do you know about a risk assessment and have you ever conducted a risk assessment? Tell me a time when you had to deal with conflict resolution?

4 Answers

What can you bring to Jabil?

5 Answers

What does Goldman do?

4 Answers
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