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Problem Solving questions from the Recruiter: 1) What is 20% of 120? 2) What is 2/3 of 210? Problem Solving question from the Manager: 3) If company A has a budget of $5,000 per month for 20,000 clicks and company B has a budget of $6,000 per month for 35,000 clicks, which company is paying more?

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1) 24; 2) 140; 3) I said company B and calculated the math for the manager outloud. According to her I was correct and they seemed impressed with my answers. They want to know if you can do basic math. They do not want you to use a calculator for these types of questions.

Question 3) is all about CPC (cost per click) A: 5000$ / 20,000 = 0.25$ (cost per click) B: 6000$ / 35,000 = 0.17$ (cost per click) Answer: Company A is paying more per click

Quicker way to answer the second question: 5,000/20,000 and 6,000/35,000 can be reduced to 5/20 and 6/35 = 1/5 and slightly higher than 1/6 (6/36) and clearly 1/5 is more than 1/6 so the answer is A. This can be done easily in your head if you are familiar with fractions.

Explain a time when you had to convince someone to do something that they didn't want to do

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None, very easy to get hired

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How much is 20% of 120? How much is 1/3 of 260? What could be some of the reasons our product may have a quick drop in comparison to a competitor during some seasons of the year?

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Tell me about yourself?

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If you still would like this position, please call me back.

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Do you know anything about the company?

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What is the difference between an object and a class.

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They just asked various difficult questions about computer components. All three of them are very knowledgeable, so they just kind of tried to see at what point I would get stumped.

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Why did you choose to work for us?

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