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The interview questions were not difficult at all. They were basic interview questions mostly related to customer service and previous experiences.

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hey how are you? i got an email today for a F2F interview, i call and they told me that someone will call me in the nextr 48 hours......I live in San Francisco, do they Fly you to the place of the interview or u have to pay for all the expenses . I am assuming that the intervies will be in Atlanta

Walter- Congratulations on your F2F. You are responsible for all expenses regarding your interview. I am not sure where your interview will take place, recruiting will fill you in on that. I wish you the best in moving forward in the process. However, I am confused because I went through the entire process and was only waiting for a starting date and I received an automated letter on yesterday stating that Delta would not be hiring for that position at this time. I am certain that my background in law enforcement and homeland security was not a problem in passing the background. The drug test and agility test was cleared so I am not sure of what happened maybe it was an internal management decision not to hire at this time. smh

I have a quick question about the agility test- Do they have you stand on one foot with a book on your head while holding an egg on spoon in your left hand while texting on your right hand? Thanks in advance for any information.

When was a time you had a conflict as a coworker and how did you deal with it?

Tell me about a time you were in a situation when you didn't know the answer to something. What was the situation? How did you respond?

To look up the nearest hotel to me and read it to him

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Describe a time when you were faced with a difficult customer and how did you handle the situation.

Describe a time when you had to deal with a difficult situation, how did you handle the situation and what was the outcome?

What are your favorite video games.

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There were 5 questions, very similar to others I've seen on here. One was about ethics and doing the right thing - a time you saw a coworker doing something wrong and what did you do. One was about commitment to customer service - a time you went above and beyond for a customer. One was about commitment to getting a job done even when it requires extra effort than usual. One was about flexibility - a time you had to stop what you were doing and focus on doing something else with a higher priority (or something like that). One about Problem Solving/Decision Making - situation where you had to make a decision when you didn’t have a lot of information and couldn’t consult with your peers or supervisors.