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Customer service representative Interview Questions in Austin, TX

"As the first point of contact between a company and the client, a customer service representative must have impeccable communication skills and conflict resolution abilities. Expect your interview to consist of a lot of role-play or ""describe a time when..."" questions that will test your ability to deal with irate clients, work well under pressure, and maintain a calm and professional composure. Make sure to come ready to provide a sales pitch of your company's product."

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Are you more of a hunter or a gatherer ?

26 Answers

Neither, I'm the chief

I'm a gatherer of new ideas and a hunter of old obsolete ones.

Trick question, I hunt the gatherers, and steal from the hunters.

What is the lowest salary you would be willing to take for this role?

4 Answers

How do you handle a customer satisfaction issue that impacts a new sale?

3 Answers

This was on a questionnaire they gave me: "What is the least amount of money (per hour) you are willing to accept?"

4 Answers

Very informal, not your typical tell me about a time

2 Answers

Can you give me the model numbers for servers you have supported?

2 Answers

Why should I hire you?

2 Answers

Would you be willing to sell our services to your friends and family?

2 Answers

What is your experience?

2 Answers

Person #A has an issue how do you respond?

2 Answers