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How would you describe Dropbox to someone technically savvy? What about your grandparents?

1 Answer

I answered this pretty straightforward; Explaining that Dropbox auto-syncs files by only changing the information you've updated rather than uploading the entire file after you've edited it for tech-smart people, and then explaining that "It's kind of like when I used to send you emails with pictures of the family in them but easier because you don't have to download the files anymore, they're already on your computer."

How well I knew SQL?

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Are you willing to put in a lot of work with a startup?

I told them I left my current job, and gave brief explanation. They urged me to keep explaining why I left, which I suspect was a way for them to gauge my potential loyalness to a company. Watch your wording with these folks. They followed up with the question, "If you were CEO of that company, what would you do to change it?"

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Are you comfortable spending a lot of time on the phone?

Why have you decided now is the right time to leave your current job, and what made you decide RigUp was the company you want to move to?

How many people are in planes across the world right now?

What do these common HTTP error codes mean?: 501, 405, etc