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No unexpected questions. Normally they ask one on hardest problem faced, one on tree search and the one I got was on bit representation of integers, floats etc

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Keep your calm and show them you consider boundary conditions etc

- Algorithm to program a 4-Channel-DAQ/4-Input-Multiplexer/DMM configuration to measure three different voltages acquired by the DAQ sensing a DC Power Supply. - Step response of RL and RC circuits - Voltage and Current Measurements using programmable relay cards - Noise Reduction (Twisted-pairing, shielded cable, High S/N ratio, etc.) - Power, resistance, current and voltage tolerances of passive components - Oscilloscopes (Frequency, Period, Amplitude, etc.) - Spectrum Analyzers (FFT) - Analog Filters (Low pass, etc.) - Algorithm to calculate the rise time of RC circuit

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Describe a technical problem you solved from start to finish.

Design database for warehouse distribution system and do some queries.

Tell me about this on your resume

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I was asked if I have been apart of any poor performing teams with weak members and how I dealt with the situation.

What would you do if your boss presented you with an impossible job?

If I have a database of books, their authors, ISBN code and year of publication - how should I organize them into tables if their are many books with many authors and many authors with many publications?

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