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Field Engineer Interview Questions in Austin, TX


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Basic electrical knowledge to more advanced technical skill questions.

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Knowledge of Ohms Law and basic circuitry evaluated to determine skill level.

Thank you for your review. We do not have locations in Texas.

How would you troubleshoot an unresponsive user interface monitor using a multipage schematic?

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Asked about specific equipent I worked on in the past

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Willing to travel extensively

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Pretty much standard but the main question is " Can you work well with those that do not like you or difficult employees"

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Are you Married? What do they do for a living? I ask because you will move a couple of times throughout your career and your relocation will affect your spouse and their career. Are they aware of that? what do they think about that? (I thought this question was very thoughtful, not directly related to the job, but insightful towards the work/life balance offered by the company. it keyed me in to a very employee-centered focus)

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Unexpected question - about how I would troubleshoot a power problem.

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He asked me to explain the projects I have done.

Why Schlumberger, why field engineer? How did you deal with a conflict in group? Where do you see yourself in the future?

I was asked a lot of questions about my experience within the industry that they had an opening for.

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