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Manager Interview Questions in Austin, TX

"Companies count on managers to make smart team decisions and oversee group members in order to maintain deadlines and keep operations running smoothly. Be prepared to answer several situational questions that will evaluate your time management skills, problem solving abilities, and ease in leading a team. Employers will also expect you to be well-versed in products and operations, so make sure to brush up on the department's relevant work."

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What would you do if a customer accused you of being racist?

2 Answers

I said something along the lines of apologize for having made the customer feel that way and assuring them that I am only seeking to support the company's policy and standards in the situation. (I don't know if this was a good or bad answer. That's a tough question to respond to!)

Wouldn't say "we're not racist" because the word you remember is racist. Would say something along the lines of "we're sorry you felt that way, we want everyone to feel welcome and your experience is the furthest from our values and what we stand for."

Have you evern been paid salary before?

2 Answers

What are some of your weaknesses?

2 Answers

How much are you going to cost me?

2 Answers

In order of priority what are most important aspects- people, processes, communications

4 Answers

What are your strengths and weaknesses that you bring to this position.

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Have you installed the system we are implementing?

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Do you have a copy of your resume'?

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How would you describe excellent service/Bad service. Make or break question. make sure you answer well.

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After explaining in details what my current role is, I got the same question again .. ok now tell me what you do in your current role?

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