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Marketing Assistant Interview Questions in Austin, TX

"Marketing assistants support marketing operations through their ability to gather and represent data, track trends, and assembling necessary presentations. In an interview context, expect to be asked about your sales or marketing experience, as well as what you believe represents a good marketing company or a well marketed product. It is an additional bonus if you know how to use HTML, and emphasize any other skills that you can bring that will make you an asset to the company."

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Describe a recent situation where you had to deal with an unhappy customer, and what you did to diffuse the situation.

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At my previous job as a weight loss consultant, there were times that clients were frustrated when their weight loss slowed down, or if they were dealing with a plateau. I would redirect the focus on the positive changes the client was making in their lifestyle, and point out the numerous little changes that had occurred during their journey, such as being able to tie their shoelaces without getting winded, and the ability to play outdoors with their children for longer periods without getting tired.

They asked me to look at their company "values" and pick one that stood out the most.

About indirect marketing and direct marketing, what you feel you could bring to the company, what are strong personality traits

What key qualities did I possess that would make me a better candidate for the job .

Why do I want to work there? What is my favorite thing about the job? Whether or not I would be ok with the salary provided?

What qualities do you have that will benefit our organization?

Are you interested in traveling internationally?

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The “CEO” asked VERY few questions. The few questions she did ask were very basic such as “do you think you could do this job?”