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Personal Assistant Interview Questions in Austin, TX

"There is no set job description for a personal assistant, and an interview for such a position will depend entirely on the needs of the client. However, you can expect potential clients to interview you on your organizational habits, clerical skills, and ability to complete tasks in a timely, efficient manner. Be sure to come off as personable and easy to work with, as a potential client will not hire someone he or she does not get along well with."

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Mr. Matthews went over my skill set and then my personal outlook on life after meeting several times with the professional recruiter he hired. He explained the job was not one specific job - but many and my background was diverse and met his needs. Heavy accounting was expected. I also met Mrs. Matthews on a second interview and was subsequently offered the position.

Nothing of any significance. He had seen my resume online...brings me in and tells me, given my resume and experience (which I am more than aware of), he would rather put me in a marketing position. Something I've been very successful in for 30 years (I was just looking for a semi-retirement mindless job) then he wanted me to apply my many years of marketing knowledge. As I told him, "That's a whole different ball game than being a personal assistant." He sends me an offer letter with a title below any I have ever held, even out of college with a salary less than the personal assistant job...something I had not made since 1984. SURELY YOU JEST!! The pompous arrogance is unbelievable. I countered with two offers and he just never returned my call and that was the end of that. How immature these arrogant people are and trust me, the arrogance is completely unfounded. I would stay away. I should have taken heed of the previous Glassdoor comments. I did take note before going in as to how low his CEO rating was and, it is even lower in my opinion. The second I walked in, he spouts out some negative comment about the great GPS system I used to find his office (which he said people have a hard time finding.) I didn't. He then proceeds to bash two of his current employees. He has no business working with people or making job offers. He is obviously just plain greedy and clueless. Most people who exude such arrogance are just negative, insecure people on power trips and the describes the CEO of Big Red, in my opinion. DO NOT WORK HERE!!

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