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Registered Nurse Interview Questions in Austin, TX

In addition to assisting physicians in providing medical assistance to patients, nurses must have strong interpersonal and conflict-management skills. In an interview, expect to be quizzed on medical practices and procedures, as well as answer situational questions that will test your ability to excel under difficult conditions. Come ready to discuss a time you handled a tense patient or how you would handle an emergency situation.

Top Interview Questions

You have a patient who's O2 sat is low, blood sugar is this, BP is this, what do you do first?

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How long is your experience as a nurse

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Why did you choose to apply here?

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Why did you become a nurse?

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Wanted me to elaborate on graduation date, & date I took NCLEX, current employment. Other questions: Why are you interested in this position? Were you ever late for clinical, or work? What qualities about you would contribute to this team? Also asked 2 Patient scenario questions.

What experience do you have and can you use EPIC EMR?

What separates you from other candidates in your field?

What has been the most challenging part of your career

How do you handle conflict between coworkers.