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Sales representative Interview Questions in Austin, TX


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Why should we hire you

6 Answers

In best Future

Well... I may be a fresher but once I know what I'm doing I'm really good at it, I am going to be the best of the best and earn for this company... That is why you should hire me..

Sir,as i am a fresher but i have thorectical knowledge .I can work hard and i am completing my work in time .i am provided to be the best .

Describe a time in which you had to deal with a difficult conflict and how you resolved it.

3 Answers

What inspires you and what motivates you?

2 Answers

Describe somewhere you would like to improve?

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Do i want to have a career, not just a job or a placeholder. Do i want to be somewhere where i have the opportunity to grow.

2 Answers

Why SolarWinds?

2 Answers

Which state of the union would you eliminate if you had to eliminate one, and why?

2 Answers

Questions were asked to test my aptitude in understanding the law as it pertains to 2A rights.

2 Answers

What are your strengths and weaknesses that you bring to this position.

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What questions do you have for me?

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