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Sales Team Member Interview Questions in Austin, TX


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What would you do if a customer disputes a price?

1 Answer

I assumed they would have some sort of store policy for how to deal with that, but apparently, employees are supposed to decide on their own. I answered that I would check the price to make sure. But I don't think that impressed the interviewer very much, because he seemed to suggest that I was supposed to just give the customer the lower price.

They asked me for proof of ability to work in the U.S.

No really unexpected questions. All questions were basic (and excellent questions to ask) about your experience, and how you would handle various customer service situations.

An example of disagreeing with someone and how the relationship is because of it.

Describe a time you disagreed with a senior and why?

No difficult questions. They do like that you ask them questions at the end! They give a very thorough answers and make sure you understand everything said.

tell me a time where you helped someone?

1 Answer

How well do you work in a team?

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A time where you dealt with someone who was upset, and how did you resolve the situation?