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In saturation, the channel region pinches off well before the drain. How does current get from the source to drain then? (Since the channel is pinched off, it does not touch the drain)

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Its drift, there is an electric field across the depletion region, whenever an electron diffuses into the depletion region, the electric field sweeps it across the the drain, the current thus depends on the diffusion into the depeletion region rather than the electric field strength so current is relatively constant in saturation.

This is an excellent question and the last answer by anonymous is very correct. I will try to elaborate further. Now, when the channel is pinched off, this is due to an extension of the depletion region between the drain and the bulk into the channel region, thus due to the large(+ve) E field from drain to source, Electrons are swept into the n+(drain) region, thus u have drift current due to this movement! Now technically speaking, whenever you have a depletion region btw the N+ and P material, the current flow contribution is not only due to Drift, you have Diffusion contribution also but is assumed negligible compared to Drift current!

A key is broken on your laptop keyboard. How do you work around it until you can get a new keyboard?

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Array of flops in a register file .. how to reduce power

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describe the most difficult supervisor role task you have been given

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About trace driven vs execution driven modeling. Trace driven modeling is faster; and but is less realistic due to not exploring bad paths during branch prediction. Execution driven modeling usually requires the existence of a functional model - in addition to a timing model to do neat things like sampling etc.

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How did you work through and identify problems in your project? Problems being conversion based on a website. What was your process for validating design decisions? If this was part of your process.

Tell us about the projects in your portfolio, why did you make the choices that tou did?

Walk me through a typical project and explain your role/what you did.

Walk through the process they would follow in their real-world situation.

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Pretty typical interview questions, but very conversational.

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