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Senior Financial Analyst Interview Questions in Austin, TX

"Senior financial analysts are respected for their expertise, exemplified by their attention to detail, confidence, and accuracy. In an interview context, expect to be questioned on technical questions, your previous experiences, and hypothetical situations that require your analysis and recommendation. Most importantly, come prepared with knowledge on the company and the industry, as well as the challenges that it faces."

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What do you think your former boss (from role xyz) would say your strengths and development areas were from that role?

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From having reviewed my performance appraisal history prior, I was able to pull up this information and respond accordingly.

One standard question I've asked about 10000 times is "Tell me about a time you faced adversity and what did you do to overcome it."

Know how to calculate Weighted Average Cost of Capital!

In the panel interview they put you on the spot, they want you to give and opening and closing statement but give you no guidance on what they want to hear. After that, they will ask fairly easy behavioral questions.

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Questions were not really difficult, but typical questions to get an understanding of how a person would work in their environment. I asked a question about a software shown in the job duties and hiring manager was not familiar with the software.

Based on your past experience interning with other semiconductor companies, how does Intel compare to them?

Have you ever faced conflict with your team members while working on a project? And how did you got over it?

Most of the questions were walking through my resume and experience. There was a whiteboard exercise on Excel & SQL with the hiring manager that got progressively difficult.

Tell me about a time you worked in a group and people didn't get along. What did you do and what was the outcome? Tell me about a time you faced an ethical challenge, what did you do and what happened?

I was well versed with the position, it was all very comfortable.