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how do i handle stressful situations, goals, previous job experience

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i explained as a former social worker i was used to stressful situations. i told the hiring managers that i firmly believed in the mission of the company

Tell me about a time you did something wrong at your last job -what did you do? How did you respond to feedback? Tell me about a time that you handled a difficult call. Why are you applying here for a new career- even though we certify you for a new career-when you have a leadership background and a newly minted college degree, and come from a banking background?

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Are you comfortable taking back to back calls? Sitting for long periods? Taking two scheduled 20 minute breaks that are provided to you ? [if you are in the middle of a call, you will need to wrap up that call as others will also be given their breaks at a set time that they wont know when it is....]there is also one 35 minute break, wherein-again-you will be told when to go to break and will have no pre planning for any of the breaks?

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Describe a scenario when you provided excellent customer service.

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Tell me a time that you had to handle a difficult customer. Tell me a time you had to deliver bad news.

How did you handle a situation when someone was upset with you?

All focused on customer service based question.

Tell me about a time a decision didn't go as planned.

Name a situation where you had to deliver bad news.

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