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Was the mock scene scenario intense?

4 Answers

It was very intense to me. If I wasn't so nervous than I probably would have did a lot better and focused on Customer Service & Negotiation vs. Calculations etc.

can you give me some pointers on how you negotiated?

It can be a lot to take in. Take notes on your paperwork that you have to fill out, breathe and stay calm. They'll play good cop, bad cop, but this is something you'd experience in the field. If you can't handle the roleplay, you really can't handle the job. GEICO is a GREAT company, and pay matched your stress level.

What qualities do you bring to Geico that other candidates don't?

2 Answers

Name a situation in which you had to made a difficult decision.

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What other companies have you applied for?

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Phone interview is pretty general and easy to get through. Pass the test afterward and get another phone interview before the ridiculous role playing audition.

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Role play

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One question they asked me was what I did dealing with a difficult customer.

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Please specifically describe what you know about the Auto Damage Adjuster position and why you are interested in it. Focus your response on why you want to work in the Adjuster position, and not why you want to work for GEICO.

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If I was able to travel without paid transportation back for weekends.

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Worst was the senario. There is no real way to prepare yourself.

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