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Auto Damage Adjuster Trainee was asked...November 26, 2014

Role Play

7 Answers

OP here of the interview review. Few things to consider, and also let it be known I did end up accepting the position, the role play was intense but I think the beneficial thing about it was to see how you react to foreign concepts and ideas. A lot of times in the job itself things seem to just pop up that you were never trained on and you have to sort of make an executive decision. It's truly an independent job. I see my supervisor very sparingly really only for supplies and to catch up. The scenario was unrealistic, but the idea behind is pretty accurate. It's mainly about using common sense and reason, which I alluded to in the original post. Rule out the filler and focus on the numbers or highlight them, numbers are always important in these situations. In regards to the role play being too hard for a trainee position, I can see what you're saying. Although I will say it's pretty accurate to the multitude of tasks you are expected to do. Even the 3 months of training seem relatively useless to me at this point. It is a waste of money, and it focuses on things that aren't *AS* important at job related things. But GEICO has been in the business for a while and they have a very "if it isn't broken, don't fix it mentality". There's been many people that do move up and the trainee status last a short while, if you can learn how to do the job and tailor it to your own work flow, before you're promoted to an "Adjuster". And that promotion comes with a higher salary. All in all, the best recommendation is this is an unusually harder interview in the sense that it isn't a typical style. Rely on your common sense and personality to ace the interview. It's only the beginning and if you can't make the interview, the 3 months of training will break you. Less

sounds like you were interviewing to be a Navy seal...SMH..Very informative post. Thank you! Less

Just did the role play interview the other day for adjuster trainee position. I did not pass. Basically, you work for a company that sells insurance for computers, TV ect... you get 25 minutes to memorize your job description, your duties, how you are supposed to negotiate and how to explain the claims process to a customer. not to mention, you have to learn a whole system and know how to navigate it, otherwise, your screwed. I had 4 mock phone calls and needed to navigate and execute all the things asked of me through the documents you need to memorize. the person holding the interview shares his screen with you, and while you're navigating your mouse it is extremely lagged and it felt like using a computer for the first time again. With all this said, I am overly frustrated that the end of the road for me on this was over this assessment. this was a trainee position, the skills necessary should come with time and through training. I thought because since I kept my composure and used the best customer service skills possible for me, maybe I would squeak by. I know this assessment is possible to pass, after all everyone has to do it and people do get hired. all I have to say for anyone else who is going to take this assessment is do your best and keep cool. And best luck to you. I am also frustrated I have to wait 12 months before applying again. by then, I'm sure I'll find a company that values the skill set I have now, and not expect me to be a flying pig. Less

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Was the mock scene scenario intense?

4 Answers

did you get the job?

can you give me some pointers on how you negotiated?

It can be a lot to take in. Take notes on your paperwork that you have to fill out, breathe and stay calm. They'll play good cop, bad cop, but this is something you'd experience in the field. If you can't handle the roleplay, you really can't handle the job. GEICO is a GREAT company, and pay matched your stress level. Less

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What button do you push to complete an estimate in CCC One?

3 Answers

Correct answer is "Lock Estimate"

The answer is "Save and close".

I have written, literally hundreds of estimates in CCC One over the years. I "upload" my estimate when I am done. This was not one of the multiple choice answers, so I still don't know what answer they were looking for. Less


Standard questions for interview 1. Scenario based test in interview 2.

2 Answers

I just had the interview recently. I was not told after the interview whether or not I passed or failed. They said they were going to grade everything, and pass it along to HR. It seems there are many different variations on this site. Can anyone give me an approximate time frame as to when I may hear from HR? Less

90% - I got the job.


What qualities do you bring to Geico that other candidates don't?

2 Answers

I may not have all the experience and all the qualifications but I’m a hard worker and I learn very quickly, where ever l work I make it my business to make my job successful. I believe you either play hard or go home. Less

Very common question and easy to mess up. Try to sound humble and focus on two or three of your best qualities that make you shine. Less


Name a situation in which you had to made a difficult decision.

2 Answers

I tried to think of a past work situation in which I had to make a difficult decision. I don't remember exactly how I answered, but I did pass the pre-interview. Less

I was called for a phone interview with Travelers yesterday. They said that they are going to send me a email on the hiring process but did not set up an person to person interview. After taking the phone interview did they set up a person to person interview the same day? By the way, I never got the hiring process email but they said it would take 24 to 48 hours. Tomorrow at 11:00 am it will be 48 hours. Also, can you please let me know what kind of math questions you had? Less


What other companies have you applied for?

2 Answers

Graphic design companies

Be very careful with this answer. Try to limit answer to companies/roles that are similar to this position so they feel comfortable with your eagerness/interest in the position. Less


Phone interview is pretty general and easy to get through. Pass the test afterward and get another phone interview before the ridiculous role playing audition.

2 Answers

Were you hired? If so how long was the entire process?

No. I ended up walking out after 3 hrs.


Role play

2 Answers

This was the worst experience I've ever had in applying for a job. They take a person who has never worked in this field before, not knowing the ebb and flow, not having a full grasp of the scope of what an adjuster can or cannot do, not knowing how to handle negotiations, etc., and then tossing you into multiple "real life" work situations with people and numbers and paperwork, and schedules, and concepts that are all completely foreign - and expecting what? Perfection? I just went through this ... not sure if I'll be asked to go to training or not ... it would be helpful if they would show you a video of how things are handled, or something to go on ... but going in blind like that ???? Horrible! Less

If you don't pass it, you're not fit for the position.


If I was able to travel without paid transportation back for weekends.

2 Answers


did you accept job and start training?

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