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Marketing Automation Manager was asked...August 16, 2022

If you could have any superpower, what would you choose?

2 Answers

I would love to be able to be treated as a human being by Randstad's recruiting team. Less

Do good deed for the needy people

Redpoint Global

They just seemed to want to get advice and really didn't have a position in mind. Really felt used.

1 Answers

I only provided as much as I felt comfortable with. Seemed sketchy.


I had a task to complete based on information that they provided me with in advance of my interview

1 Answers

I created a PowerPoint presentation to illustrate how I would execute my plan in response to the task Less


Explain working of distillation column and their various controls

1 Answers

Very Good


Interviewer asked me to explain ECP for 1-100 I gave to classes (1 valid : 1-100 2 Invalid: <0 and >100) he said it is not ECP. I was confused I tried to explain he resisted and explained me ECP = classes like 1-15, 20-45, 50-70 etc. well i was disgusting. I have revise my concepts.

1 Answers

ECP:- In it we divide the whole class into different modules we can say makes small parts of that to make testing convenient. example, the class can take values from 1-100 then we can divide it in 10 sub modules 1-10,10-20 etc.all these are equal parts of the same module to make testing easy. Less

Edwards Lifesciences

There were no difficult questions, since they were based on my experience.

1 Answers

No comments.

IGLOO Software

Have you done lead routing/scoring before?

1 Answers

Talk about results… MQLs SQLs SALs, thats all they care about for this role


The function to an angle between clock hands

1 Answers

What did you do the last summer , would you do something else

the LEGO Group

If I was interested in the job

1 Answers

Yes I was


Technical on C++, Design Pattern, Linux Previous Experience Behavior Situational Leadership Expected Position and Role

1 Answers

It was detailed technical interview and many areas were covered

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