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Aviation Interview Questions


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Aviation Interview Questions

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Describe a time you went above and beyond for a customer.

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the time i went out of my way for a client is when i spent all my time and effort to maintain the ambiance of my place of business,with election violence in 2007 Kenyans never want to be in a different mood or experience threat. i used all my account savings for college to repairing my dads old houses that had been falling apart even going hungry to make sure our environment seemed peaceful.threats were going online and on the news. i made rent at the building cheaper to accommodate people who would be peaceful because the wealthy would encourage more theft and stealing of items leading to senseless violence over property. now two years later my clients are using the shops as investment plans for their future allowing them to invest and expand with their rent nobody will need to be worried because resources are extended to the tenants who extend t their clients as a community from the building owner

While you may be granted an interview because of your overall aviation experience, you must be ready to answer questions specifically about the aviation maintenance industry. The company is a software company for Maintenance Repair and Overhaul.

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