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"Technical challenge" - with two anxious interviewers staring at you across a table provide code / pseudo code of how to reverse a linked list in five minutes or less with them showing visible frustration if you weren't ready for this. No other questions about C or C++, just do you remember data structures class from 20 years ago which you haven't had reason to use since.

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Study up on data structures!

If I had to respond instantaneously, I'd probably have just said something about iterating over the list, pushing the elements onto a stack, then popping them off the stack and building a new list. Any recursive solution to this problem would probably be equivalent to this one unless it did something really weird (the call stack would implicitly be used as the stack that I used explicitly here). However, you could also do this in constant space by just reversing the links themselves.

A typical function without additional memory allocation would be: // Let Arg represent the struct type of node of linked list Arg *reverse(Arg *list){ Arg *new_list = NULL; while (list) { Arg* next = list->next; list->next = new_list; new_list = list; list = next; } return new_list; }

A 20 minute presentation covering a past design project that demonstrated my expertise for the position.

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detailed circuit analysis

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Most of the questions I was asked weren't about my technical experience (although my experience was naturally discussed). Most of the questions from the managers I met with pertained to how I dealt with people, specifically difficult people, and how I excelled in a difficult and demanding work environment.

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What is an acceptable margin of failure for electronics?

Actually, all questions were relevant and sort of expected for the particular area that I wanted to work in.

The white board thing was strange and I didn't get the point. It was by far the most difficult interview I've ever had

Tell us about a disagreement with your and another coworker?

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What sort of obstacles do you encounter on a daily basis as a lead for a large software development program?

Primarily, if I had the prerequisite number of years of experience with the system which I was to work on.

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