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B2B Outside Sales Interview Questions


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Did I have Fortune 500 C-Level experience?

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No, but I had always dealt with C-Level and Decision Level executives with every company I sold into.

1. "If I were to try to convince my wife to read a book about your life what would I tell her about the book? What would the title be? What is the most exciting chapter called and what is it about? What would the last chapter be called and what would it be about?" 2. "If, during that ride-along, you pulled down your sun-visor and there was a sticky note there with three items that motivate you two do your best, what would those three items be?"

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Tell me about a time you had a client conflict and how you handled it?

are you a team player and get to work at 8am

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Why do you want to work toward a Sales Profession?

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The most difficult thing I encountered during my interview was not a specific question, but the lack of questions. My final interview was completely open - the interviewer simply asked me to "tell my life story." When I came to a stopping point, where normal interviews would interject questions or guide the conversation, there was nothing. It was very hard to tell what I should be talking about without simply listing my achievements and strengths.

Why do you have a passion for sales?

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