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Going from a university developer position to a major enterprise development team, how can you convince me that you would be ready?

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I won't know everything from the outset, just like I didn't know everything when I started my current job. There will be a huge learning curve, it will be challenging, but I will take the opportunity to learn and develop. I am in school for my master's degree, showing that I want to learn and grow. At my current job, when given a task I didn't know how to solve I bared down and worked hard to learn and add new skills to my tool belt. In addition, I love what I do, I love solving software problems from the architecture view all the way down to the algorithm design. My passion for solid software enables me to take on challenges and enjoy solving them.

In the take home activity I was asked to implement a function that took in strings of stock trades, and output sorted stock trade notifications for users based on their friend list, using any language. During the screen sharing interview I was asked to implement a linked list function too remove a note at the given index. I was also asked to implement a method that returns the second greatest node a binary search tree.

Their interview process covers your previous experience, a design question, coding question, and algorithms on a whiteboard. You must be able to clearly articulate distributed and scaling architectures and know your datastructures and algorithms. Standard engineering interview that really focuses on a wide variety of topics.

Nothing too complicated just basic programming question

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There is a HashMap contains 7 Keys, which is Monday through Sunday. Each key is corresponding to a List of (Start time, end time) pairs. The pairs is unsorted. What I have to do is to merge the time slots that are adjacent. And finally return another HashMap that contains the same structure but with merged time slots.

How do you decide what technology (frameworks, testing, etc) to use when given a problem to solve?

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Technical question - Write a c++ program to generate random numbers with weighted probability.

public class Person { Person father; Person mother; Gender gender; Integer age; List children; int level = 0; public enum Gender { Male, Female; } } For the above class, you basically have to implement 2 methods. public List getOldestSisters() public List getGreatestAncestors()

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How would you design a system to prevent image scraping.

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