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Find the kith largest number in an array of numbers

1 Answer

Solution : Brute force : sort an array ( O(nlogn ) Slightly optimized : Use a Max Heap O ( n log k )

How do you check the performance of a SQL table and optimize it.

1 Answer

What tools do you use while checking the performance of your code.

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Why did you use vanilla javascript instead of using a framework like Angular?

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What is the Python GIL?

1 Answer

Phone Interview: Asked about experience and current work. Tech question (on collabedit): Given a small string and a larger string, write a program to fin out if the smaller string can be generated from alphabets in the larger string. Big O complexity and best/worst case analysis.

Parse a csv file and import into database from which you have to run an algorithm on to find out some metric. Use Python and Java.

1 Answer

Onsite: 1) Find if left half of a binary tree is mirror image of right half. 2) Theres a text string available that represents a sentence but the spaces between words are missing. Given a dictionary of valid words, recreate sentence with spaces in the right place. (standard question from book 'Cracking the coding interview'. 3) System design question about how to design an ad-server. get and put for ad exchange and keeping track of clicks on an ad. 4) Case study. Gave me a scenario where one of their ad servers is down and users are not seeing ads, given server login access how would you debug.

What's your opinion about the MVC pattern?

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