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U.S. Office of Personnel Management
Background Investigator was asked...November 10, 2014

Tell me how you would conduct an interview of a reference for security clearance.

1 Answers

Identity of reference, determine scope of relationship, ask questions to verify they know the person, ask the designated questions. Less

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What was the most pressure you ever felt?

6 Answers

i was hired. i'm enjoying it so far. i recommend you apply if you're interested in this kind of work Less

Hello, how long did it actually take to complete your background check? When did you begin working? I'm interested in knowing if it will take as long as they say it will for my background to return. Less

My background check started sometime in september and i started working/training in december Less

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Tell me about yourself?

5 Answers

How long did it take to be contacted for your second webcam interview?

It wasn't long - maybe 2 weeks.

What were some other questions asked in your interview? I have mine tomorrow and would love to be as prepared as possible. Thank you! Less

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Advanced RPO

What would you do if a subject does not wish to talk to you about the applicant?

4 Answers

Terminate the intervention and document the conversation.

At least make attempts to inquire as to the individuals reasons, ask if there is someone else who would be willing to meet and discuss the person, and get that individuals contact information before leaving your location. Check to ensure that the telephone number provided to additional sources work, before you let the person you have in front of you leave. If at all possible...then document the results, and schedule to meet the next source. Less

Thank you for those comments. It doesn’t matter now. I did not receive an offer.

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U.S. Office of Personnel Management

Tell me of a character flaw you have

3 Answers

Giving info as I thought was need to know. Being fair, inclusive, and transparent opens the team for suggestions and buy in to process. Less

Suspicious of true intentions.

Provide a flaw that you have corrected and tell how learning this about yourself had made you a better person. Less


BTW, no offer as of yet. It’s been a week or two.

3 Answers

The reason it takes so long is because they are sponsoring you to receiving a TS security clearance. It’s a federal investigation. Less

Do you know if they actually check your medical records? I am on long term disability recovering from a knee surgery and should be good to return to working full time and getting off long term disability within a month. I’m wondering if I need to tell them if I get an offer for a job? 2nd interview is this Thursday. Of course if I get a job offer I will get off LT disability because I’m sure I’ll be healed enough by then. I just don’t know if on a b/g check they will see I’m on long term disability right now. I don’t want them to think I am trying to commit some kind of fraud. Advice? Less

The main thing they check as far as medical records is mental health treatment. A knee injury wouldnt be an issue Less

Advanced RPO

What would you do if the subject cannot interview during normal hours, and is only available during his lunch which is after midnight?

3 Answers

Arrange an interview when it is convenient for the subject.

I would let the person know which time slots and days are available in my schedule, which would keep me safe. Safety first, second, and third. A good employer would never place it's investigators in danger or ask them to place themself in a positive that is not a good reflection of best business practices (maybe you can tailor your answer around this notion) Less

I would find out if the subject would be open to talking to me during his/her midnight lunch and if not what time is good and try and make myself available when he/she is. I would inquire if it's possible to see the subject on their day off. From my experience as a subject the person is usually will to cooperate if at all possible. Less

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If you were trying to find out if a certain person of interest lived in a household which they proclaimed to be and go to the site and find out that their neighbors never heard of their names what do you do? How do you approach and deal with it?

2 Answers

I would ask them to describe the subject because it is possible that the subject has provided his/her neighbors with a false identity. Less

I would ask them to describe the subject because it is possible that the subject has provided a false identity to his/her neighbors. Less


Basic interview questions and why would you be a good fit for the role

2 Answers

I answered honestly

How are things going since you were hired?

Advanced RPO

When checking with neighbors of an applicant, who says she lived at her address for 15 years, and a reference says the same thing, you discover from a neighbor that he has never seen the applicant or know the applicant. What would you do?

2 Answers

Verify you are at the correct location, document the neighbors information. Contact supervisor and ask for next step procedures since limited information is provided for this question. Less

I would try to find someone else in the neighborhood to may know the applicant. This would make me more curious so I may try his next door neighbor even if that person is not on her/his reference list. Less

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