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Tell me how you would conduct an interview of a reference for security clearance.

2 Answers

Identity of reference, determine scope of relationship, ask questions to verify they know the person, ask the designated questions.

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What was the most pressure you ever felt?

7 Answers

Tell me about yourself?

5 Answers

What would you do if a subject does not wish to talk to you about the applicant?

4 Answers

Tell me of a character flaw you have

3 Answers

BTW, no offer as of yet. It’s been a week or two.

3 Answers

What would you do if the subject cannot interview during normal hours, and is only available during his lunch which is after midnight?

3 Answers

If you were trying to find out if a certain person of interest lived in a household which they proclaimed to be and go to the site and find out that their neighbors never heard of their names what do you do? How do you approach and deal with it?

2 Answers

Basic interview questions and why would you be a good fit for the role

2 Answers

When checking with neighbors of an applicant, who says she lived at her address for 15 years, and a reference says the same thing, you discover from a neighbor that he has never seen the applicant or know the applicant. What would you do?

2 Answers
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