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Describe a time when you were challanged by your work and tell how you overcame it.

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Told a story about starting a new job in a fast paced environment, but I was able to get into the flow after a few days of working in the system.

How would you deal with a guest asking to find a specific item in the store?

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Probably the classic "What's you biggest weakness." Not really unexpected, but usually difficult.

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Name a time you failed at something, and what you did about it?

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I was asked what would I do if a customer asked me to help reach a product that would take me away from taking meticulous inventory, thus losing count and setting me back 15 minutes.

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Name a time you used your attitude to turn a situation around

What do you do when you encounter a problem in the workplace.

Read what other posters have put as everything you could be asked is on Glassdoor, but be prepared to say what you gained or what the result of each situation you describe is, as I was asked multiple times at the end of my answers/stories to expound on this.

When was there a time that you had to work with a person who you had a personal disagreement with and how did you get past it to complete the goal

Basic Questions like when did i handle something that was with to friends easy simple interview.

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