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Estimate how many windows are in New York

33 Answers

Divide and conquer. I may not know the answer to the question, but I can determine the answer because I can approximate two supportnig questions: * How many people are in New York (City or State, btw) * How many windows, on average, does each person have (home, car, work, shopping center, ....) I'll say 10M in NYC and 10 windows per person so my answer is 100M windows in NYC.

10 windows per person?!?! I want to see what apartment you're living in!!

he said 10 windows per person total (including car, home etc). 10 makes good sense. However, i do believe you'll have to go deeper than that. i.e- calculate that, add businesses, shopping centres, cabs and passing cars etc.

What is the exact angle formed by the hands on a clock when the time reads 9:30?

11 Answers

A round 2 case with the Partner. Case was about VAT (sales tax) recovery option for foreign tourists in a country. The agency that handles the VAT recovery is an investment target for a private equity firm. The task was to suggest growth strategies to the pr.eq. for the agency's business. Note the deliberate use of multiple confusing layers, and bringing up an industry that you are sure never to have heard of. The challenge is to be able to deal with such situations.

1 Answer

How many cardboard cutouts does coca-cola purchase to put in grocery stores, etc. per year?

1 Answer

Being flat-out told "You're wrong. Why are you wrong?" in a case with a partner.

2 Answers

PE firm thinking of buying a US baby stroller company. Is it an attractive target? Plastics company patented a cover for a car steering wheel and wanted to know whether to enter the market.

1 Answer

-Standard case interview, and qustioning me on some of my assumptions.

1 Answer

-Something you started recently

1 Answer

All of the interviews are challenging because they are real-life business cases that the interviewer must work through. One of the more challenging ones involved some data in the software industry. It included a bubble chart with three dimensions of data - y-axis, x-axis and bubble size. There was a lot going on in the industry and the case involved synthesizing all of the information/trends and providing strategy recommendations for the client.

1 Answer

[Case interview]

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