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Do you expect yourself to work here the rest of your life? *This was actually a question*

3 Answers

Of course not!

No, I plan to bang the manager and get a job upgrade to assistant manager.

I pledge allegiance to Weis Markets and sign over all of my freedom to indentured servitude. I want to begin my life sentence to Weis Markets immediately.

"Have you ever been to a Mariano's before?"

1 Answer

-Why should I hire you? -Why bakery? -Do you have experience in baking? -Do you have any other experience in any of our other departments? -How long do you see yourself working here? -Customers, are they always right? -Are you social or quiet?

1 Answer

"Best customer service experience you had?"

1 Answer

"Where does customer service come from?"

1 Answer

DId I forsee any reason as to why they shouldn't hire me?

1 Answer

How would you interact with customers?

1 Answer

Describe how you respond to safety violations.

1 Answer

Had to explain a 12 month gap in employment.

1 Answer

What drew you to Mariano's?

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