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Bakery Customer Service Interview Questions


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What is a synonmym for baked goods?

1 Answer

Pastries, hot cakes

Where did you work previously?

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The company asks you which of the 5 core values of Wegman's you best represent (I can't be arsed to remember them, but you can find them on the site). Your answer will most certainly be corny, but it's not too hard to come up with something on the spot about why you might embody "respect" or "diligence" or whatever.

The only question that i though was difficult was why should we hire you. Keep in mind I had no experience at the time. But im a quick learner and i was motivated to work that got me the job .

Typical questions. They already know the answers bc they hire full time within the store for full time, part time is off the street. Like I said above, they know who got the job before interviewing anyone. It's called the favorites.

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What was I expecting if was offered a job.

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