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What would your "last" meal be if you had to choose.

4 Answers

The worlds best hamburger, my sisters macroni and cheese, and my grandmothers potato salad.

They're looking for the person to answer with some kind of healthy food. Take a look online or around the store to see what they sell and just make up a meal. This is what they're looking for.

They don't care WHAT your answer is, they just want to see that you can be passionate about food. They want to see you smile at the thought of what you eat.

Do you expect yourself to work here the rest of your life? *This was actually a question*

3 Answers

Describe how you respond to safety violations.

1 Answer

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

1 Answer

Dealing with adversity

1 Answer

He asked why Waldbaum's?

1 Answer

Tell me a time..

1 Answer

what place I enoy eating at, and where do I like to go shopping

1 Answer

How to treat customers?

1 Answer

-Why should I hire you? -Why bakery? -Do you have experience in baking? -Do you have any other experience in any of our other departments? -How long do you see yourself working here? -Customers, are they always right? -Are you social or quiet?

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