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Cashier Interview Questions in Baltimore, MD

"Employers are looking to hire cashiers with great customer service skills and experience handling cash. In preparation for an interview, come ready to answer role-play questions that will assess your ability to appease difficult customers under stressful circumstances. Make sure to showcase a positive and easy-to-work-with attitude that will convince your interviewer you're right for the job."

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There were no questions, as the interviewer was a no show, and when I called to follow up, I was made to feel like I was making it up. I cried the entire afternoon and evening, it really hurt me a lot and was terribly embarrassing.

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Did you follow up with a call to ask if you may have misunderstood the appointment? Or if they would offer another opportunity to interview you? Perhaps, the interviewer had a personal situation that came up, due to no fault of yours. If you really want to work for them, by calling them back, it shows you're going the extra mile to resolve the situation (like get a job) and that you don't give up that easily. If they say that the job was offered to someone else, move forward and keep looking. They owe it to you to at least let you know why the interviewer never showed up. Keep your chin up. Good luck.

I followed up. I never got any answers. I had the feeling I was wasting my time. In less than a week, I had another interview with another employer, who didn't put me through all that hell, for more money, and I am now working for them as of today.

As an aside, they did offer to interview me after I complained to corporate about my experience, but there is really no point in interviewing with a company who isn't really interested in hiring you. I'd wasted enough time by that point, and I think I am valuable enough to not be treated that way. Bodes bad things to come, and I think I ended up with the better opportunity later on. I hope they took it as a hint to fix their interview process, because it was clearly not organized at all.

What was my strengths.

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Tell me about yourself

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where do you see yourself in five yrs? This company is built on _____, _____, ____, and ____core values. Do you see yourself relating to these particular values? (Question may not be exact but it runs along these lines)

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What would you do if a guest insisted the price of an item was less that what was ringing up?

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What is your favorite food here at Panera ?

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Q: When are you not available to work?

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Would you consider yourself a humble person?

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What would you say to customers as they are leaving the store?

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The debouncing circuit as mentioned by others

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