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Interview Questions in Baltimore

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Which programs are you most comfortable for you to work with?

1 Answer

Overal export of Adoby software .. Least experience in InDesign but still proficient in tasks required to get the job done

If a conveyor motor trips out, how do you diagnose it?

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How do you prioritize your workload?

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They asked me how I would deal with an irate patient/customer.

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What would you discount or comp?

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How would you handle classroom management?

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Q. How would you handle a faculty member that might be a little bit difficult?

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How much would you pay to play the following game: I roll a dice and pay you the amount showing (so if I roll a 4, I give you $4).

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There were no questions, as the interviewer was a no show, and when I called to follow up, I was made to feel like I was making it up. I cried the entire afternoon and evening, it really hurt me a lot and was terribly embarrassing.

3 Answers

There were no questions. This was a complete "switch & bait" tactic and I was extremely disappointed. I was asked to sell myself, and did (just like I always have) and was told by the recruiter that I didn't seem like "I wanted it bad enough". I replied, "if I didn't want the position, I wouldn't be here". He then tried to down-sell me to the Sales Trainee position for $15k less. Why would I accept a position that offers me the same amount of money I currently make, PART-TIME! The whole interview was spent trying to make me unqualified for the position. When every sales position I've ever been a part of (2 in the past 8 years), I've constantly exceeded quota by over 50% and being nationally ranked twice in the president's club. I was more than qualified. Probably, the stupidest most asinine question I've EVER heard in my life was if I played sports and what did I play ( I understand the reasoning behind it - competitive nature, which I understand and have). I told them I played basketball in highschool and had a division 1 offer for college, but had to decline due to injury. I also stated that I am currently a scratch handicap golfer and love the game of golf because it's challenging. The VP's response was "I'm not criticizing you, but golf is a "me-me" sport and I see you as someone that has never been apart of a team. These individuals aren't successful in our business because they're only concerned about themselves This is a team environment and you have to work well with a team to be successful". I replied, first off, isn't your CEO Chris Lansing a scratch golfer? Should he be running the business? ---They laughed I also explained how I just stated I played basketball my whole life and managed sales teams in my career. Why would he just ask me what I did in my current position and what sports I played and then give that type of answer. It was so ridiculously stupid. Additionally, they asked if I wanted a position where I would show up to work in a suit and tie everyday? I said most definitely because I would need to be a professional. They said we discourage that because we do a lot of traveling and you may be meeting someone working out the back of their truck. What the hell does that have to do with anything?! In their job description they wanted someone professional and someone to build relationships with builders. Why would I try to sell something wearing jeans and a polo. BE PROFESSIONAL WITH EVERY CLIENT TO BUILD RELATIONSHIPS, regardless of the industry. This company had no idea what or who they wanted and spent the entire time telling me I was unqualified and more suited for the Sales Trainee position. They never asked about my skills, experiences, strengths, weaknesses, ambitions/goals, etc. Only ME ME ME ME ME, you won't work, here's another position that offers less money and the same responsibility..... ***another dumb answer from their part - I asked what's the biggest challenge in your industry? I know in my current position it was customer traffic and price-point effectiveness. The branch manager's reply was "hiring the right people". You mean to tell me that due to the housing bubble, the economy and decrease in home values, that YOUR BIGGEST PROBLEM IN THE INDUSTRY is hiring the right people. That said enough for me...They're obviously not good at what they do and can't hire the right person to save their life, so why would I want them to hire me EPIC FAIL ON LANSING BUILDING PRODUCTS PART

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