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Senior Software Developer Interview Questions in Baltimore, MD


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How would I add value?

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Mentioned that there are three type of knowledge required, Domain, Technical and Engeering Best Practices , of which the third is what I can contribute right from day one, technical will take very little to come up to speed with their tool set, but domain expertise will take the most time. I think that made a good impression and turned it into a positive experience. They did not go deep into technical because I was already very experienced and was expected to pick up things rather quickly, which I did. I am glad they showed maturity of not grilling with silly technical questions which either are elementary or something one ca google any way.

What is the difference between a list and a linked list in C#?

How much money do you want. They just wanted me because I was a software engineer. I was a bit surprised when they offered me the job, but I wanted my 10% pay hike, so I took the job.

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What are abstract classes, Define a Page Life cycle. SQL Injections.

After reviewing my extensive software engineering experience they asked me to work FOR FREE for two weeks as part of their evaluation process. ????????!!!!!! Of course, I declined.

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What is an assembly binding redirect? Where are the places an administrator or developer can affect how assembly binding policy is applied?