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Business case related concepts

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This answer i got after worked 2 month.

There was as such no hard question for me. But unfortunately i was not prepared for this interview. Frankly this was my first ever interview. So yes i was bit nervous and i didn't knew about the tips and tricks for cracking the interview at that time. I was asked the following 2 questions: 1. given a tree, do the level order traversal of the tree. Explain the logic and write it's proper code not pseudo-code. 2 given a link list, Reverse a Linked List in groups of given size. write it's code.

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Why should we take you and not your friends waiting outside ?

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Finding nth smallest number in a running stream of numbers.

Its very easy to get a Job at Altisource if you are good at what you mentioned in your Resume. They target your Resume for asking Questions.

Most difficult was the incomplete code which I have to complete.

Given a string find all possible meaningful words that can be formed from letters of that string.

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Thought he profile was for a software developer i was asked few electronics related questions