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Senior Java Developer Interview Questions in Bangalore, India

"Senior developers have years of experience in Java and have the knowledge and communication skills to mentor other developers. Companies prioritize strong technical skills and questions will focus on problem solving and critical thinking. A bachelor's degree in computer science or a related field, along with years of industry experience are standard."

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I had a phone screen with the hiring manager where he asked some basic C/C++ and computer architecture questions. Then came onsite and had interviews with the whole team. I was interviewing for a lower level team so a lot of the questions were around Linux and drivers. Nothing too crazy if you've worked on that before.

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What does 'volatile' mean in C++?

String class of Java is Private class or not?

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Hibernate (All concepts in detail)

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what do u want to ask us?

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How will you implement security in java?

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In first round Interviewer was focused on core java, most of the questions were asked from Collection, MultiThreading, String, OOPS Concepts, Java 8 features. In 2nd round, focus was core java as well as advanced java like rest services, spring, hibernate.

Sum the number of two different linked list