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Senior Member of Technical Staff Interview Questions in Bangalore, India


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Explain overall polymorphism using uml diagram?

2 Answers

Drawn the diagram of the animal class and explained the compile time polymorphism and how run time polymorphism works.Method overloading and overriding in the classes. Java feature interface to support multipile inheritance

Compile time -> Overloading Runtime -> Overriding

They have asked do you the exact reason Why the lehman brothers collapsed..overnight ?

1 Answer

1st Technical Round: Find out longest increasing sequence in nxn Matrix? How to traverse binary tree in-orderly without recursion?

1 Answer

2nd Technical Round: 1. What is a deadlock? 2. Write a program in Java to produce deadlock scenario? 3. How to avoid deadlock? 4. Find you own pattern matching algorithm with O(n) complexity?

1 Answer

Your registered users are increasing exponentially. How will you handle it. This was a question on scalability ten years back when clouds were only associated with rains

1 Answer

1. Design a textpad, define the classes and interaction 2. How CVS will maintain versions internally ? 3. How do you choose potatoes in the market?

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Covered mostly on Java, Datastructure, Selenium, Appium, Puzzles, Unix/Linux etc

F2F: How will you debug OBIEE Answers.Dimension and Fact correlation and scenarios you validate. Rank,Dense Rank() usability with example,deletion of duplicates,Informatica admin console concept,Types of Transformation with examples

Questions are from Database, algorithm & puzzles.

Finding the nth node from the end of the linked list in single trace.