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Name a time when you were faced with an ethical dilemma. Many questions in phone and in-person interview are behavioral based questions and generally are 3 part questions: 1. Describe the situation 2. How did you react/respond to the situation 3. What was the outcome

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Hi, I was wondering for the writing test, did you use a lot of numbers or ratios in your writing? Or did you just stick to writing a report with a recommendation?

What type of format did you use for the written test?

I used a few numbers but not many. I stuck to just writing the report. They basically give you a mini loan file to review and write a summary of what happened. I gave background information, what is happening now, and what the bank thinks will happen in the future if I remember correctly. You are given 2 hours for the writing portion and I used every second of time. The test is graded by a computer that looks for keywords or phrases (or so I'm told) and you are told if you passed in as little as an hour.

Most people fail the written portion of the process, which consists of summarizing a fictitious loan review packet for a bank's loan review board.

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Name a time you went above your normal job responsibilities and did something you were not expected to do.

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The questions weren't difficult at all. The only challenge was thinking of specific and unique examples for each question, since they asked that I try to avoid using the same situation to answer more than one question..

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How will you deal with the travel?

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Questions about teamwork and composure.

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Why the Richmond Federal Reserve?

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Behavioral question on an ethical decision

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What was a time when you had a difficult teammate?

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Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

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