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Bank of America
Investment Banking Summer Analyst was asked...February 7, 2014

If someone offered you $1000 today or paid out at $100 a month over the next ten months, which would you take?

5 Answers

The answer should be the $1000...$1000 today is worth more than $1000 ten months from now or $100 every month for 10 months due to the time value of money. Less

Money loses value over time...

I think it depends largely on the market. 1000 dollars a couple years ago if put into the right fund would be nice now. With how long the market has been expanding It would be a tough choice now. Additionally, they might be checking personality on this. Do you want your money now, or do you like something steady even if the value depreciates over time? Less

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Why do you have a C in acgt?

5 Answers

Cuz its boring as hell!

How do you even get an interview with a C in accounting?

They will come with all questions as in the areas you are so lacking

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J.P. Morgan

Which side of the BS is Equity on?

5 Answers

Credit side

It is a source of Fund, comes under Owner's fund

There are two types of balance sheet. 1) Acount form 2) Report form In account form Assets are on left side that is debit side. Liabilities and equity are on credit side that is right hand side. In report form everything is under one vertical line that is first is assets then followed by liabilities and owner's equity. Less

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Should do you the deal? Why or why not?

4 Answers

how would we know. Is it the company's financials and from there you answer the questions? What is the format of the case study? Less

There will be a case with financials. Good understanding of ratios is critical. There will be qualitative questions about the case as well which you will not know how to fully answer. Be prepared to back up any claims you make. Less

whats the best way to prepare, what sort of ratios?

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Zenith Bank
Banking was asked...January 22, 2022

I was told to download microsoft team app .

4 Answers

I havn't been called

Same here, but haven't received any mail yet to that effect

Since the test in which i was successful with,they haven’t contacted me..its been almost a month now. Please how long does it take to get a call from them after the test? curious Less

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Goldman Sachs

If I stacked pennies from the ground to the top of the Empire State Bldg, would they all fit onto a floor of the building?

3 Answers

1. Yes on the terrace. 2. Conver pennies into Dollers on better brokerage and get it fit into a bag. Now you can more money fit at any floor. Less

The Empire state building is approximately 1200 ft. I'm guessing there are 100 floors. This means 12 ft of single stack pennies per floor. 100 of them. I think we can fit 100 stacks of pennies on any floor in New York City. Less

Yes. 1) break coins into stacks in relation to each window/floor (gives height of floor) 2) highly likely sum of stacks is less than the square of the floor height I'm sure there's another way to answer this as per Vault, though I like to come up with diff answers instead. Less


Describe one difficult situation you faced in your previous experience and what are the lessons learnt

2 Answers

At once we have face a problem in payment of one supplier he told us that he will take a legal action against me for this payment if we will not pay him immediately so i had talk to top management for the same for best solution it was the bad experience for me & my organization to solve this one but ultimately we have paid for the same one. Less

i reserve my comments here


When facing a difficult customer, how were you able to handle the situation and was there anything from that experience that you learned from and/or would have done better?

3 Answers

Always try to to understand your customer point of view to situation and try to solve it in the best way that they are still happy. Less

I have dealt with a lot of customers being a shift manager for Mcdonalds and in my experience the customers are always first and dealing with the situation is a big step to a better change Less

I handled the situation by dealing with my customer, customers are always first,and making sure that my customer stay happy and always apologize for the misunderstanding. Less

Axis Bank

are you ready to be relocated?

3 Answers


Yes I'm ready to relocate.

Yes I'm ready

Deutsche Bank

What is the probability of you walking out of this room and seeing someone without the average number of legs.

2 Answers

100% Average will be just under 2

so it should be 0% not 100%. )

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