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banking Interview Questions

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Case interview: basic business problem (if product X costs Capital One $4.00 per unit, with a $800 sunk cost, and we charge X amount of dollars along with a $10 annual fee, how many do we need to sell to break even, etc). Followed by a longer discussion of more complex problems that the situation might entail.

7 Answers

Mostly algebra, basic economics, and common sense.

total cost= 4x + 800 total income= x^2 + 10x to break even: 4x + 800 = x^2 + 10x solving for x by evaluating the quadratic equation above, x ~= 25.45 To break even, 26 units must be sold

Why is x^2?

Pretend I need to buy a pen, and your company sells pens. Why should I buy your pen?

3 Answers

How did you handle an irate customer?

2 Answers

25 horses in a race. 5 horses can run as a group. what's the minimum # of runs required to find the fastest horse.

2 Answers

What's the best unbiased estimator for a series random variables?

3 Answers

1. Let's role play, sell me a bank product..... 2. If im a customer and I declined what you are trying to sell me...

2 Answers

Sell me this tape dispenser.

2 Answers

What do you do if you are unfamiliar with a product?

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Tell me a time when you had to influence clients to follow a different course of action.

1 Answer

How does good customer service sounds, feels, and looks like?

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