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Why behavior analysis?

2 Answers

Are you sure you applied to the correct company? Check the website. No know location ever in NY.

I am terribly sorry if your experience was less than excellent. However, Butterfly Effects, LLC with headquarters in Deerfield Beach, FL does not operate in NY. Perhaps this is a different company than ours?

If you could assemble a team with of any US Presidents, who would they be and why?

There were not any unexpected questions. The interviewer grilled me on why I wanted to leave my present employer. I gave her a good answer, but she continued to interrogate me. I had three more face-to-face interviews. I left several messages regarding my application, but no one returned my calls! Human Resources staff is very unprofessional and negligent!

If you had to remove one of the fifty states, which would it be and why?

When you are at a family gathering, who do you spend the most time speaking with and why?

Give an example of a behavior plan you have used to reduce challenging behavior

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