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Behavior Interventionist was asked...October 6, 2015

Would you rather use positive or negative reinforcement when working with a child?

2 Answers

Positive reinforcement

In my last position I was taught to use positive reinforcement and I have tried to do so. Last year, I successfully got some 1st,2nd, 3rd graders to do some academic work where I had a contest where the kids who did the most work would get a prize. They got into it and the top performers got stickers Less

Autism Spectrum Therapies

What do you know about ABA (Advanced Behavioral Analysis?

2 Answers

I don't know much, besides that it is the use of principles of behavior to modify behavior and that is useful in treating people with autism. Less

It's Applied Behavior Analysis :)

Newport Mesa USD

How would you respond if a child was displaying disruptive classroom behaviors such as yelling?

2 Answers

ask the child if they need a break and ask why they are yelling then ask how they can handle the problem differently Less

Age 10+ I pull aside and say "You don't have to yell for me to hear you. I'm listening what did you want to tell me?" (Depending on situation) Less


How would you handle a parent that was not on board with the treatment goals?

2 Answers

I always try to work with the parent when creating treatment goals for their child. If they are still in disagreement, I try to understand why they disagree, and I offer insight into why specific treatment goals were chosen. I also give the parent the opportunity to suggest what they would like to see result from their child’s treatment. Less

first I emphasize the importance of compliance. If they are not complying, I would discuss it with my supervisor and find out why they are not following treatment. Maybe they don't understand it or it takes too much time that they don't have. I would suggest alternative treatments and find out if the alternative treatments are more feasible for parents to follow Less


When was the last time you had a problem with someone. Not necessarily a client, maybe a supervisor for example. What was the result?

2 Answers

A parent accused me of mistreating students after her son said I told him no one loves you. I explained to the directors I said he's unconditionally and they were able to make her see that. She accused me spitting at another girl. Turns out the other girl lied as she was one step away from being kicked out of program. Less

I explained a time i had a conflict of work-related practices with a coworker.


What experiences have you had with behavior?

2 Answers

last year I worked in an inner city school where I saw a lot of defiance by students, students using the "f word" with teachers, students talking back to teachers, getting out of their seat without permission Less

I work in a self-contained autism room so I have seen a lot of behaviors from hitting, biting, pushing, kicking, pinching, being tackled, hair pulling, yelling, crying etc. Less


What is your experience with children being aggressive?

2 Answers

I stayed calm and made sure they did not injure themselves or anyone else.

Last year I was in an inner city school where students would talk back, tell teachers the "f word", be defiant, not stay in their seat. I would report the f word and defiance to the site supervisor Less


Tell me about any data entry skills, observation skills, etc that you have had?

2 Answers

in my dad's medical practice in inputted new patient information, for my master's thesis I inputted data on doctors practices in Microsoft access. At Highland I inputted data on calls coming into the hospital in terms of if they were answered or went to voice mail, nature of the call, which department they went to Less

in terms of observation I am observing day teachers for tips on how to handle students in class Less


None of the questions were altogether difficult. The only thing that alarmed me was when they offered me an hourly rate of $18/hour. To me this seemed to be very low and I expressed that and was then asked what I thought an acceptable rate was. Unfortunately I didn't expect to talk salary during the phone interview though I'm glad we did because the low hourly rate is what ultimately convinced me that it wasn't the job for me.

2 Answers

May I ask what your education/experience level was like at the time? I'm entry level BA degree and wanted to gage "my worth" as well. Less

Thank you for sharing


How many years experience do you have working with children with autism & special needs ?

2 Answers

I have 9 years experience working with both children & adults with special needs including autism. Less

I have about 2 years with special needs. I had one 4th grader who showed signs of a learning disability and another kindergartner who was in special ed. I was able to find a child therapist to work with him while did supplemental academics with letters, numbers, shapes, colors.. I always had reference sheets on hand for each activity. I appealed to highland advocates to get the 4th grader's school to test him for disabilities. I filled out the paperwork. Meanwhile I provided supplemental academic support staying at the very basic of everything. For example single digit multiplication/division and breaking it down into making groups of things, sounding out individual sounds in words and combining them one by one Less

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