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Behavior Specialist Interview Questions

"Employer's hiring behavior specialists are looking for candidates with the educational background and interpersonal skills to properly instruct patients with behavioral disabilities. In an interview, be ready to speak to your background in behavioral psychology and any experience working with children or disabled individuals. Be prepared to explain how you would handle difficult patients with aversions to learning as well as what corrective methods you would use."

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They asked what you know about ABA and what experience you have with it. They also try to determine if you are qualified both physically and mentally for working with this special population. They need to know that you will be able to work with students that potentially can be violent and how you would react to them.

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I did not have any experience with ABA but had researched it. I let them know a brief overview of it.

what is your experience working with individuals with a disability?

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how can you take a child daily getting under your skin saying the worst things you could imagine? Do you have tough skin? If a rough oversized kid became agressive how would you handle with that?

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They asked me what population I wanted to work with.

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How I would handle specific situations

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*Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? *What type of experience do you have with ABA? *Why ABA?

How would you help "so and so" if he was throwing?

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