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Behavioral Health Technician was asked...January 18, 2018

What would you do if a child threw a pencil across the room while doing homework?

2 Answers

I would approach the child in a non-threatening manner and try to understand the situation. I would first ask if everything was okay. Then I would go on to ask why they threw the pencil. Then I would slowly talk to them about how they could have handled the situation differently. Less

My first reaction would be to approach the child and politely ask what the issue is. First determine if homework is the problem (which is often a minor issue that is easy to fix), or is it the result of something deeper. I would have to explain that throwing the pencil is not an appropriate reaction to frustration, but still have the child understand I am not attempting to scold them. Less

Children’s Behavioral Health

Do you really work or did you just go on line and apply to the first job you saw?

1 Answers

No, this is the agency was the one I wanted since I saw a recruiter at the job fair at school. Less

US Navy

If you patient displayed adverse affects from his/her medications what should you do first?

1 Answers

Tell the charge nurse. Ensure patient safety. Don't leave the patient until ordered. Less

The Association for the Advancement of Mexican Americans

How would you respond to a client trying to run away?

1 Answers

I would use verbal de-escalation but not run after them.

Center for Autism and Related Disorders

Tell me about yourself

1 Answers

age, where you grew up, experience relevant to the job, hobbies

Denver Health and Hospital Authority

What do you know about us?

1 Answers

Told them about the services they provided

American Addiction Centers

What would you do if you knocked on a client's door and when it opened, a client was standing there completely naked in front of you?

1 Answers

Step back, ask that they close the door and get dressed, inform a supervisor and/or co-worker for accountability and to avoid negative perceptions. Less

Terros Health

If I knew how to write a progress note- gave me a scenario

1 Answers

I typed up the progress note for the scenario and he looked it over and approved. Less

Total Spectrum

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

1 Answers

My strengths are that I work very hard to learn what I need to do in order to fulfill my duties in my position. My weaknesses are that I don't have as much college experience as I'd like. I have a lot of life experience to make up for it but I would still like to brush up on some glasses. Less

D'Amore Healthcare

To respond to a ted talk about givers and takers.

1 Answers

I am a giver, so it was a natural discussion. I learned a lot about giving too much during this interview process. I learned that if I am burnt out or reactive, I will not make the best decisions for the client. It was an eye opener! Great experience learning through the screening process. Less

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