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Behavioral Interview Questions


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Behavioral Interview Questions

the one thing that they ask me is what is the best reason why i choosed jollibee

2 Answers

i answer this in a honest way because i really need some job so that i can finish my study and so that i can help my family

I need applied working part time a job like crew assestant becaouse to help my family and my self thats my opportunities then to shoose patience and courage?

Tell me about a time when you set a goal and achieved it.... Tell me about a time when you had to make an executive decision without your boss. What was the outcome.

Find out if any substring of A is a substring of B.

1 Answer

Name a time you went above and beyond to satisfy a customers needs.

What's your brand?

1 Answer

As a finance major, how do you think you're classes and previous experiences will translate to human resources.

1 Answer

A time when you had a conflict with coworker or boss and how it was resolved.

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