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Behavioral Interview Questions


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Behavioral Interview Questions

You have 5 jars of pills. Each pill weighs 10 g, except for contaminated pills contained in one jar, where each pill weighs 9 g. Given a scale, how could you tell which jar had the contaminated pills in just one measurement?

1 Answer

Take 1 pill from first jar, 2 from second, 3 from third and so forth. Weight them all together. If the weight mod 10 = 9 -> first jar is contaminated, = 8 second jar is contaminated, = 7 third jar is contaminated and so forth.

Your teaching experience An internet test was performed on your computer Your expected pay And to schedule training

How would I sell my favorite burger?

If you were to start a new market how would you approach finding leads on new business?

How would you find your car as you leave Burning Man?

1 Answer

What trends are you most excited for this season?

1 Answer

Discuss how your previous experience will help you in this position. Specifically talk about your confidence with talking to people, working with others, and your confidence in selling.

the one thing that they ask me is what is the best reason why i choosed jollibee

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