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Behavior Therapist was asked...April 13, 2018

Why do you want to work here?

3 Answers



I like to up grade my Skills

GOALS for Autism

Why would you be a good therapist. What have you done in the past. What terms did I know about ABA - what intensifies behavior, what decreases it, what restraining techniques do I know, what schedules do I know - DRO, DRE, DRI, etc.

2 Answers

I did it in the past, liked it, and got good reviews.

A token system shapes positive behaviors and ignoring, extinction reduces negative behaviors. The rewards have to work within the environment and must be tailored to this child's preference. If a treat is a high motivator token but the facility doesn't want to use food as a reward, go to the next token the child values. Restraint techniques should be dictated by agency policy, procedure and training. Less

Verbal Beginnings

Biggest weakness

2 Answers

I said that I am a perfectionist and can sometimes be too hard on myself

Sometimes, I can get a little too excited entertaining the children..I Love to see them laugh and smile!!; only bad thing, is when they become so hyper they won't stop laughing. Thats probably my,biggest and,only weakness when it was comes to children. it would be an honor if I were to get to work with these vibrant and inspirational children, again. Less

A is for Apple

Are you a smoker?

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Looking Glass Children's Services

How do you respond to a child who is hitting you, punching you, scratching you, or spitting on you?

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Agency policy and training should be followed by BH staff. There is usually industry-grade used by BH providers to train and certify staff. This training covers BH management techniques such as how to prompt, redirect, give choices, use a gradient response for consequences. Is the facility hands-on or hands-off, who should be consulted, all of Hesse issues are addressed in training policy and procedure. Less


Are you ABA certified?

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Autism Care West

Do you want to further your career in ABA?

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What are your goals? Where do you see yourself?

1 Answers

To become an RBat

Proof Positive ABA Therapies

How do you practice self care?

1 Answers

I mentioned the things that are important to me and what I enjoy doing.

Autism Home Support Services

Describe a win win situation. Explain what the environment you will work in may look like.

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In this field both you and your client are advancing. Said individual may be learn basic life skills but as the Tech you gain knowledge on how to personalize the program and at the same time watch your kiddo flourish. Less

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