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Senior Design Engineer Interview Questions in Bellevue, WA


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I don't remember being asked any outright questions, we discussed dimension-conformation, Data-Warehousing fundamentals and Cosmos/Scope basics.

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I engaged in high-level discussion and pushed my belief in managed small dimensions and small highly performant OLAP cubes.

Basic Dynamics flywheel engineering question. T = F * r * sin(theta)

How would you analyze the pressure vessel shown? How would you size the material? Show a clamp and bolt pattern analysis.

Signed an NDA, so cannot disclose specific questions. For this position, be very strong in Java concepts as well as Java coding. This position specifically required a Java developer. Knowing multithreading and collections is important. Also, know about OOP design patterns and system design, scalibility, basic data structures etc.

Write a function which will print out the Fibonacci sequence. Programming language doesn't matter.

Knpwledge of Java, Spring Frameworks, REST, SOAP, Relational Databases.

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Standard algorithm and data structure questions; test case design and test process questions.

All pretty standard interview questions (basic data structure and constructs)