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IOS Developer Interview Questions in Berlin, Germany

"iOS developers specialize in creating applications for iPhone and iPad. During an interview, expect employers to ask challenging technical questions about the limits and capabilities of iOS applications in addition to textbook programming questions. Be prepared to discuss relevant projects from past jobs or individual work."

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Most of the questions were about general knowledge and about the code challenge

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Code explanation

What qualities do you expect in a team lead?

Questions to assess my technical skills like patterns, data structures and specific questions about the platform

build an app using our API to make a list

Questions about my motivation, previous experience

In terms of team structure, how is your daily work organised?

There was life coding challenge on onsite interview where I should comment my actions. Why I was doing so not another, and similar questions

Do you have an experience of developing Android apps?

Code sample was introduced to me. There was dispatch async block wrapped around another dispatch async block. What is the retain count of variable defined outside the blocks, when used inside each block in a certain place.

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