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SQL questions.Mostly joins. Walk through of your previous projects. About difficult situations at your previous work. About a time you failed in your life and at work - if applicable. Something you are proud of(Work or life related).

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My suggestion is answer behavioral questions as Situation,action and result and relate it to your previous work projects.

Are you ready to move to Seattle

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How do I tune the performance of a report/dashboard

What experiences and problems have you faced in your previous positions?

Standard interview and technical questions.

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The Offer I kick myself now for not using glass door to find out abut this company first.

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The most difficult question I was asked during the interview was related to moving down a decision tree of possible failure points in a hypothetical system. However, I believe I answered satisfactorily, as I got the job.

How good I was using excel since the position was data oriented and intensive

Provide a sample table structure of how you imagine Netflix's content is organized

SQL Queries, like top 5 scoring students, Designing Data model for a scenario

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