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Having to do a bid/no bid decision on a fictional client.

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They couldn't answer any questions that I had, so trying to make sense of the information was difficult without feedback.

What is your experience with SaaS applications?

How are your Excel reporting skills?

How comfortable are you accessing the Internet and navigating in web sites.

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How many bids have you handled at one time? Typical “tell me about yourself”. Went on for 1.5 hours. Thought we had a “flow” going & he seemed pleased. Did NOT do behavioral (or situational) questions. Not sure they understand “how” to interview. Not clear where these questions led to & related to position. New office, not staff well nor furniture, etc. If this is their HQ for the US then office looks dumpy. Mgr seems over his head & does not want real qualified people either. Might show him up?

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Interviewer began to say he thoroughly understands bids, did them in Denmark, etc.

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Where are you from and general question about family.

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Specific to the role I had applied for

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Tell us about your attentiveness to detail. Why did you leave your last position? Do you smoke?

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