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The employee gave the background about the position and the all important how the position came about which one can interpret different ways. After that came the normal starting question, talk about your background. The interview questions were based on experience so not difficult to answer if one has the experience. There where agreeable Reporting 101 comments that were stated with some observances that I saw right away when I walked in the door. The questions seem to follow a guideline and to Periscopes credit without the physical papers like at other places I interviewed. A more common question from employers, what interested you about the position? Have you trained someone before in a reporting capacity? One person mostly lead the interview followed by questions from the executive and a third who chimed in once in awhile though seemed to be multitasking because he was mostly focused on the his laptop. The end was normal with any questions I have about the position/company.

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I answered the questions truthfully though could have put the panel asleep explaining in detail about one comment I made that may have come off as negative vs the real world experience brought to the table and depending on the panels knowledge (most the panel operating a higher level versus myself entrenched in the details, I understand both sides). I also could have inquired more about aspects of the company and position but in the back of my mind felt it not necessary. Which was later justified.

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Are you comfortable with no patient contact? as the position is in a office setting

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What do consider something you struggle with during work?

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Q: What systems do you know?

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Can you work with little to no direction or training and hit the floor running.

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Q: What was one thing that they asked you?

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Are you comfortable working under pressure?

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Why can I hire you?

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What are your *three* biggest strengths and *three* biggest weaknesses? What is the biggest misconception people have of you?

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