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One question I was asked was: "Pick one South Florida ecosystem and describe its characteristics." I was also asked how I'd handle an angry customer, how I'd handle a political figure who needed information, among a few other things. There were not a lot of questions so the panel wanted to hear a lot on each topic. There was ample time to talk which was great. At the end I was given the opportunity to ask my own questions, and did so, which seemed to make a great impression.

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For the ecosystem question, I discussed coral reef ecosystems in South Florida. I outlined different groups of organisms therein, effects of environmental factors (light, depth, temperature, etc.) on community composition, the environmental and economic benefits of coral reefs, human stressors and direct and indirect impacts, and possible restoration and mitigation options for those impacts.

Can you give us examples of when you had to be a leader?

No difficult questions. Just questions like why do you want this job. Where would you like your career to go.

Name a difficult work situation and how you handled it?

What was a project/deadline you failed on and how did you handle the situation?

They asked me questions that are related to my experience in different biological assays that they would want the applicant to be doing and my familiarity with these assays. They also made sure that I am ok with this position because it is a technical position in the laboratory and there is no promotion or future career advancement related to it

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Tell me a time when you worked on a project that failed. What made it fail and what did you do about it?

How would you handle these situations were the hardest for me.

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